Balkan Shotgun Wedding Party!!!

Thu 31th December9pm

For this years NYE party, here at Bar Loco we are pulling out all the stops for what is going to be a night to remember for all of time. We are teaming up with Newcastles party providers RAW VIBE crew, who will be summoning up party flavours and treats all night long until (probably) until the sun comes up!!!

With full decor, and lighting we are going to transform the upsatirs at Loco into the greatest wedding party you’ve never been to!!! With Some of Newcastles finest bringing you all of the tunes you’ve heard and hopefully some of the ones you haven’t.
Special drinks promos all night long with full bar, and food until 10pm. Free entry all neet long (Coz that’s how we roll here).
We will be running till early so come along have a dance have some craic and welcome the new year in with a bang and bit of a rinse out!!!
Oioi!!! 2016 CREW 🙂 XXX Big love. Bar Loco crew + Raw Vibe crew.

nye poster