Castle Party, not a castle party, not at a castle @ Bar Loco!

Sat 21th January1900
not a castle party


One and all! Small and tall!
Come and dance and have a ball!
GO ON! It’ll be mint! (AND IT’S ALL FREE)

Following the recent demise of a planned castle party, Queen Egle has decreed the palace of Bar Loco to be a more than fitting location for a night of live music DJ’s, dancing, debauchery and general frivolity!

A ‘musical masterclass’ will be provided by Newcastle’s hottest/sexiest/hairiest and most upcoming band Feed The Elk (what do you mean you’ve never heard of us, we’re mint!! Got it? Mint!) Providing a genre lambasting fusion of funk, punk, hip-hop, reggae & rap metal (think The Killers & Coldplay’s love child) There may be other live acts to follow!

Later on, the unforgettably sensual RAW VIBE selection squad will be gracing Bar Loco once more! TIFFIN and FRIDGEMAN will be gifting your lugholes with a delicious sharing platter of the juiciest breaks, baritoneilicious bass, mashups, hip hop, reggae, house and dnb! Tastes in the mouth!!!!!!!!!!! All served up via their beaut DIY sound system. Now we’re talking!

There’s a night right there! Spread the word!

Mucho love xx