CUT – Part Two

Thu 28th April7pm

13006543_1036603076423084_4168238672220035624_nSystem gallery
Bar Loco, 2nd floor

This second installment of CUT opens at 7pm, Thursday 28th April featuring work from Paula Adams and Pipi Lovell-Smith.

Paula Adams makes work that is at once sculpture, painting and photographic print. Using what is available (a room, a photograph, personal possessions) paring this down, cutting it up, re-assembling it, drawing onto it – getting past its surface appearance to create different sets of visual meanings. The work resonates with Duchamp’s comment that, to ‘create’ is to insert an object into a new scenario, to consider it a character in a narrative, which gives objects an anthropomorphic connotation and implies that a particular relationship is generated from the simple positioning of one thing next to another.

Pipi Lovell-Smith’s focus is to explore narrative, and how we tell stories about ourselves – both in the past and present tense.
She uses travel and tourism as the basis to investigate how our experiences as tourists are situated within specific cultural narratives around looking and site-seeing, as well as within expectations of how to be a tourist. By reappropriating her own travel photographs and videos, Pipi hopes to reconstruct a new narrative, blending fact with a fictionalised version. These works look at these intersections where our behaviour in a public place collides with our understanding of history, cultural identity and travel.