Disco Soup!

Sun 1th November12pm


Come along to Bar Loco the day after Halloween and help The Magic Hat Café make a mass Pumpkin Soup using pumpkins and other vegetables that would have otherwise been wasted. Lend a hand to wash, peel, chop and cook – along to music of course – and give passers by a warming cup of soup to enjoy and inspire.

All ingredients used in our soup have been sourced by The Magic Hat Café, who aim to tackle environmental and social injustice by upcycling edible food waste, providing meals for everyone and anyone.

Still hungry? Head into Bar Loco where The Magic Hat Café will be serving a delicious menu made from edible food that would otherwise have been sent to landfill because it might be damaged, misshapen or surplus. At the end of your meal, ‘Pay As You Feel’ and donate to the cause.