Eigengrau EP Launch

Fri 9th June19.00

ee-gan-gra-oo? eye-jen-graw? aye-gan-grow? It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it (actually it does, it’s eye-gen-grau), IT’S FINALLY HERE. You are cordially invited to the long awaited, much anticipated, extremely overrated launch of Eigengrau’s self titled EP.

Self confessed behemoths of the local post rock scene, Eigengrau have been whipping up a riff filled storm with thir explosive live shows for the last year. Their sets leap seamlessly from delicate ambience to soaring heaviness, intricate time signatures to straight up head bangers, often within the same song. Performing over an hour’s worth of material, including their EP in full, alongside guest musicians and a bespoke visual experience, this is a show not to be missed. Turn out, zone out, rock out.



Well established benevolent giants of post rock, ‘The Cities We Light’ will be delivering their unique blend of uplifting rhythms and melodies. For fans of Totorro, Waking Aida and that first Foals album, This euphoric 5 piece will be sure to get your toes tapping and your guitar fingers twitching!


Despite being a one man band, the voices in his head have led to many creative differences, resulting in a complete clusterfuck of a live performance. ‘What the hell am I listening to?’, ‘I don’t get it’, and ‘Mummy, why is that man hurting that guitar?’ are just some of the glowing reviews recieved. If you’re lucky you’ll turn up late and miss the whole thing.

THIS IS A FREE SHOW. However, bands have to pay rent so there’ll be a pay as you feel collection. CD’s and merch will also be available to buy, so bring your pocket money and support local music.