Food Co-op Fundraser


The Food CO-Op is a student lead cooperative that buys organic, fair trade, healthy, vegan food from an online supplier and sells it at the same price, without making any profit out of it. It is run by volunteers, who every Tuesday and Friday sell the products outside the Newcastle University’s students union, to the students, the staff and any other member of the community. The main aim is to provide a cheap and ethical source of food, to promote healty and sustainable living. Because of its interests, and for practical reasons, this year the Food CO-Op became part of Renewcastle, a new society involved in promoting a more sustainable living – at university and outside of it. As the Food CO-Op does not make any profit out of selling goods, it now needs some funding to order new stocks. Because of this, it is organising a fundraising event in Bar Loco, on Sunday the 24th of April.

There will be live music, a bake sale and a raffle. It will be an opportunity to understand better what it does, and to get to know a bunch of very nice people (and to eat a lot of good cake as well 🙂