Fri 30th September9PM







If you’re tired of soulless, emotionless EDM then you’ve just found your home, Disciple!
Tired of never hearing quality house music on nights out?

Tired of watching DJ’s who are only in it for the money?

Tired of being surrounded by zombified kids waiting for the ‘hardest drop’?House Disciples are a collective based in Newcastle who want to put on nights that recapture what real house music was all about; unity, tolerance, anti-commercialism, anti-image…..under a 4/4 beat.


Conrad Scott (Ping Pong@Cumberland / Ernest, Bellavista, Bindi Slippage DJ’s, Barca, Baltic)

Mark Wade (Disko Borstal@Echo / Hyem, Alvino’s, Leeds Conservatory)

What you will get:
REAL house music from the ages, from classics right up to records released in 2016 (yes, there ARE quality house records still being made….just come and listen!)

What you won’t get:
EDM (Evil Dance Music)

What you will get:
Happy, shiny faces of all colours, creeds and orientations

What you won’t get:

What you will get:
Managers, promoters and DJ’s who do it for love

What you won’t get:
Superstar DJ’s and business types trying to rinse as much money out of you as possible

Are you part of the system?

Or are you a House Disciple?