Jimi Mack

Thu 28th September8pm

Using the release of ‘Familiar Horizons’ as an excuse, the brilliant progressive folk/jazz duo of Jimi Mack,  is leaving Nottingham to pay a visit to Bar Loco, and present you a beautiful evening!

‘Originating from Belfast, Ireland, Jimi Mack is a progressive folk/jazz artist of outstanding calibre that takes a nostalgic sound and reinvents it to form tunes that your lugs will certainly thank you for. His sound is rooted in folk, jazz and blues, combine that with complex emotional lyrics and you’ve got Jimi’s multi-layered tunes full of significance and grit. With nods to the folk music of the 60s, his inspirations are easily noticeable having spent much of the past years crafting his music moving from a folk/blues artist to honing in on more progressive influences, such as John Martyn, Pentangle and Tim Buckley. From being featured on BBC radio to playing well respected festivals and venues within his resident home of Nottingham, Jimi is destined for big things and has been steadily building a respectable fan base due to his undeniable likability.’