Magic Hat Cafe

Sun 6th March12-9pm

The Magic Hat Cafe has been fighting food waste and feeding the people for a whole calendar year (and nobody’s died)! To celebrate we’re holding a mother-friendly pop-up cafe to celebrate her day as well at Bar Loco on Sunday 6th March.

There shall be:

12-7ish – The most environmentally friendly food in the world, a diverse menu made from 100% surplus ingredients

From 5pm – Live music, DJs

All day – Party games (child and adult friendly), birthday cake, flowers for ya mam
– Edible Cycles mobile cafe/garden on bike trailers luring in the masses

We are 100% dependent on volunteers, so please come and lend a hand cooking, carrying food, washing up, running games, and PERFORMING. To get involved hit us up on facebook or email

Come and eat, play and party with us 🙂

Don’t forget to bring your mother.