Mantra Chant Session

Sat 18th March2PM

Mantra Chant Sesh is inspired by a practice from the Yoga tradition and among yogis is known as Kirtan.

It was brought from the East to the West by a lovely old chap, during the 1960’s. It went viral, courtesy of the counter-culture and today ‘Kirtan’ is regarded as a sub-genre of New Age music with some records receiving Grammy nominations.

However, this isn’t musicianship. This is about tuning into these Kirtan waves (which we all contribute to) to experience some good vibes.

Mantra Chant Sesh is all about the good vibes.

It’s free and is so because it’s a launchpad event. 18th March 2017. 2PM-6PM. Light refreshments provided. Don’t miss out 🙂