Pastures + Whippet Beans

Fri 10th March1900

We’re getting a couple of our favourite Geordie bands back in for this Friday night belta! The last couple of times these bands have played at Loco we’ve been sweeping up the dust for days afterwards, so get yersel doon and have a boogie!

Pastures, if you don’t already know, are a high energy folk-rock band with a dash of ska and a smidgen of punk mixed in whilst retaining a political edge. What’s not to love!

Joining Pastures will be everyone’s favourite wonky donkers – Whippet Beans! They’re allegedly going to be giving away £1,000,000 worth of semi-defrosted viennetta’s…


As usual, this event is F R E E and all are welcome! 15895276_385310558477157_5041366715863341301_n