Thu 26th May7pm


British imperialism is engaged in a war on humanity. War on Syria, murder at the borders, cuts and falling wages – the state, the bankers, the politicians and CEOs have blood on their hands. And they try to cover it up with cultural despotism – endless racism in themedia and pretty distractions in Hollywood.
OPEN MIC – Come, perform and speak out.

JAMES R. BELL – Another regular contributor – James is editor of the RED blog, writing poetry, fiction and criticism. At this RED, he’ll be launching his new album – COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA. A tense reading style, punctuated by pauses, with content ranging from buying baklava in austerity Britain, to the potential for a third world war.

Album link:

MARK MONCADA – Political music, infused with a little pop-punk, a little vocal rhythm. Mark is a regular contributor to RED events, with his fantastic ‘Smash the Bedroom Tax’ and ‘Labour Council Crooks’, alongside music on Palestine and racist British immigration law.

CAL SHAW – Cal is a poet, with a keen eye on the role of the British police force. Drawing from personal experience with the arrest of the Newcastle 14, he offers a powerful exposition of political policing in his best known ‘Labour Force’. With influence from Loki and other such musicians, Cal offers powerful poems, with a clear political message.

SAM MCGEE – Sam performed at our last event, giving a beautiful rendition of the ‘Black Legged Miner’ and other traditional working class songs, which had the whole building singing along with her. Bringing music from centuries of struggle into contemporary music, Sam is an incredible performer.