Seas of Mirth

Sun 4th June20.00

Seas of Mirth are a salty-smelling mega unit of sea dwelling reprobates with a mighty galleon of sound… landlocked in the East Midlands. Drums, retro organs, guitars, strings and bellows contribute to their invasive noises and the live shows draw you in with the aid of crowd-surfing crustaceans and a cataclysmic tug-of-war. The band feel equally at home in a vibrant, sweat-doused venue than they do on a majestic festival stage!

The ‘Mirth have merrily toured up and down the UK countless times as well as mainland Europe a few times too, namely the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (including Rock ‘n’ Roll Butterfahrt – a piratical punk congregation on the island of Heligoland!)

Musically, it gets as diverse as a nautical prog-rock party band can get. The folk-based instruments cater for the rustic part of the sound, while the playful song writing and arrangements embrace the wilder element of the music. All marinated in maritime! Lyrically, songs include, for example, dealing with tempestuous sea conditions, gargantuous mythical beasts, mutiny, tales of severe intoxication and the old heart-crushing love song.

Support from local legend Alan Jones. He is a Newcastle Upon Tyne based guitarist, singer, foot tapper, finger clicking solo artist and musician.

Adding to his show is his foot stomping and percussive style, Alan makes a groove for you to enjoy while he sings his hearts desire to make a show that is different from your usual singer / song writer. Alan has performed locally to the North East for over 20 years and has enjoyed playing electric guitar in bands Ashram, Caravan, Smoove and Turrell, Carnival of Crows and most recently The Backyard Rhythm Orchestra and has also enjoyed playing spells in the USA, Russia and Europe.

So come and join us for what will be an amazing night of live music. In true Bar Loco style its all free!!! Not a penny not a cent!!! You would be mad to miss these two amazing acts!!!