Tango Mondays

Thu 1th January18.30

‘’We enter this world alone. We leave it pretty much the same way. And in-between, a dance we call life.
You have to begin by loving tango, to let it go into your veins, until it arrives to your heart. Go to the milongas and dance with different people. Even if you are dating somebody, you have to dance with different women and she has to dance with different men. This way you learn to dance.’’

6.30pm *Fundamentals and technique class – All levels

7.15 pm *Tango Class – Intermediate/Upper Intermediate
£6 / students £4
Both classes £9 / s. £7

8.15pm-9.30pm *Practica
Free for the lessons’ participants – £3 for the visitors.

Bar Loco (2nd floor)
22 Leazes Park Rd,
Newcastle upon Tyne.NE1 4PG