The Ravaged

Thu 3th September8pm

Boiling up from various dark fissures in the fragile crust of space and time (i.e. Tyne and Wear),  THE RAVAGED is  a four piece band specialising in mid-late 60s garage/psych rock. Searing blues harp and clashing tambourine add to the cacophonous assault. On top of this blazing tumult, the band layers many harmonious vocalisations, savage ululations, yelps and cries. See the hairy half-human Rico, hunched like a flailing demon over his drums! Marvel at the wondrous wailing of the elfin guitar god that is Merry! Quake before the seismic intensity of Jay’s four string thunder! Drool at the true splendour of Bren’s phantasmagorical organ!  Beware your ears! Beware your sanity! And most of all, beware your feet, they could get stood on! They play it raw, and they play it loud!